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About us

Shawn, the founder of Adventure Dog Virginia, has always had a love for dogs. With a Father that always found his way to the local fredericksburg SPCA, the family home was always filled with multiple dogs of all shapes and sizes. From Yorkshire Terriers and Dachshunds to German Shepherds, Labs, cocker spaniels and everything in between.


Growing up in this environment, Shawn developed a deep connection with dogs and became fascinated with their behavior and needs. As an adult, he channeled this passion into a career in rescue work, specializing in German Shepherds and Malinois.


Today, Shawn personally cares for three German Shepherds and two Malinois, ranging in age from 2 to 10. His brother has a Cane Corso, parents have a Labrador Retriever, and his children have a Malinois and a Texas Heeler. The entire family is devoted to their dogs and have made them a central part of their lives.


Living in multiple states over the years has provided his family with the opportunity to explore different environments and go on adventures with their furry friends. They have traveled extensively, training dogs and engaging in various activities such as hiking, camping, and water sports.


Shawn and his family are proud to be part of the “Dog Life” community, where they promote responsible pet ownership and support animal rescue efforts and healthy lifestyles. Their love for dogs is evident in everything they do, and they wouldn’t have it any other way. Adventure Dog Virginia is a manifestation of shawn’s lifelong love and dedication to dogs, and he is committed to sharing that passion with others.  With over a lifetime of experience there isn’t a dog that he hasn’t worked with!